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Road dust and PM10 in the Nordic countries. Measures to reduce road dust emissions from traffic.

Kupiainen, K.; Denby, B. R.; Gustafsson, M.; Johansson, C.; Ketzel, M.; Kukkonen, J.; Norman, M.; Pirjola, L.; Sundvor, I.; Bennett, C.; Blomqvist, G.; Janhäll, S.; Karppinen, A.; Kauhaniemi, M.; Malinen, A.; Stojijkovic, A.

Publication details

Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers

Year: 2017

Summary: Nordic countries suffer from periodic worsening of the air quality during spring with high peak PM10 concentrations (airborne particulate matter with diameter less than 10 µm or 0.01 mm). Characteristic for the high springtime PM10 concentrations are high shares of coarse particles (with diameters between 2.5 and 10µm), a signature of non-exhaust traffic dust formed via abrasion and wear of pavement, traction control materials, vehicle brakes and tyres. This Policy Brief summarizes the current understanding of the road dust system and presents the mitigation measures and policies currently in place in the Nordic countries. It has been compiled as part of the NORTRIP project funded by the Climate and air pollution working group of the Nordic Council of Ministers by researchers from 11 Nordic institutes studying different aspects of traffic non-exhaust emissions and road dust.