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This is a short presentation of some of NILU’s projects. Click on the project to see more information.

Boliden – Diffuse emissions from unloading of zinc concentrate (Boliden)

Diffuse emissions from the unloading of zinc (Zn) concentrate in Odda, Western Norway have been quantified using an inverse modelling approach. Eleven deposition samplers were strategically placed around the plant […]

Project period: 2021 – 2021


Deployment and testing of lower-cost ambient air quality sensor systems in urban environment (sensEURcity )

The ‘sensEURcity’ project was launched because measurements from cheaper (low cost) air quality sensors are still too unreliable and data quality is insufficiently known. With this project, the Directorate-General of the European Joint Research Centre (DG JRC), with funding from the Directorate-General for Environment, aims to help evaluate the performance and potential of low-cost sensor systems for air quality and make comparisons with conventional measurement methods.

Project period: 2019 – 2021


Innovative Nanopharmaceuticals: Targeting Breast Cancer Stem Cells by Novel Combination of Epigenetic and Anticancer Drugs with Gene Therapy (INNOCENT)

A challenge in the treatment of breast cancer patients is frequent relapses. This project focuses at circulating cancer stem cells, which are a main cause of relapses in the patients. The aim of this project is to develop a new drug for treatment of breast cancer, by targeting stem cells, based on nanoparticles.

Project period: 2017 – 2020


Hyperlocal precipitation forecast everywhere in the world on a simple demand? (PrecX)

The PrecX project will develop a forecast service that provides highly accurate, hyper-local, and on demand precipitation prediction everywhere in the world. PrecX will be a ready-to-go digital solution for […]

Project period: 2020 – 2020


Used tires in asphalt production – Feasibility Study (RubberRoad)

How should we best dispose of our used car tires? The RubberRoad project addresses the responsible use of tires, stimulating the production of asphalt with rubber content in Norway. Used […]

Project period: 2018 – 2018


iResponse: Social Responsible Crowdsourcing for Environmental Research and Decision-Making (iResponse )

The iResponse project will develop and study social responsible ICT-based crowdsourcing tools for environmental research and decision-making processes based on citizen participation and engagement (crowdsourcing).

Project period: 2015 – 2018


Collective awareness platform for outdoor air pollution (hackAIR)

The overall objective of hackAIR is to develop and pilot test an open platform that will enable communities of citizens to easily set up air quality monitoring networks and engage […]

Project period: 2016 – 2018


Development of sensor-based Citizens’ Observatory Community for improving quality of life in cities (CITI-SENSE)

The CITI-SENSE project developed and tested components of environmental monitoring and information systems based on innovative and novel Earth Observation capabilities. The applications focused on the citizens’ immediate environment regarding […]

Project period: 2012 – 2016


UV Intercomparison and Integration in a High Arctic Environment (UVAC)

The Arctic is a region which to high extent influences the atmospheric behaviour in the Northern hemisphere and for this reason attracts the attention of the scientific community. The Atmosphere […]

Project period: 2000 – 2002