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Measurements of photochemical oxidants (ozon and PAN) in Norway 1986. NILU OR

Hoem, K.; Dreiem, R.; Krognes, T.; Schjoldager, J.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


User's guide for the Gaussian type dispersion models CONCX and CONDEP. NILU TR

Bøhler, T.

This report consists of a user's guide for the gaussian programs CONCX and CONDEP, which calculates short term and long term ground level concentrations, respectively, due to emission from one or more sources. The report contains a theoretical description of the theory included in the models, in addition to description of how to run the models.


Ambient measurements of ozone and PAN, southern Norway, 1984-1985 NILU OR

Schjoldager, J.; Dreiem, R.; Krognes, T.; Johannessen, T.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


Emission data from the Bergen area 1983-1985. NILU OR

Hoem, K.; Gram, F.; Larssen, S.


Measurement of ozone in southern Norway 1981-1983. NILU OR

Schjoldager, J.; Dreiem, R.; Wathne, B M.; Johannessen, T.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


Ozone measurements in Telemark, Oslofjorden and Oslo, during the summer of 1980. NILU OR

Schjoldager, J.; Dreiem, R.; Gundersen, G.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


Photochemical oxidants in North-Western Europe 1976-79. A pilot project. NILU OR

Schjoldager, J.; Dovland, H.; Grennfelt, P.; Saltbones, J.


Feltstasjoner for atmosfærisk korrosjon. 3 mndrs eksponering. Elektrisitetsforsyningens Forskningsinstitutt. Teknisk rapport, 2578

Engen, O.H.; Haagenrud, S.E.; Anda, O.


Sources and significance of natural and man-made aerosols in the Arctic. Report of a workshop supported and organised by the U.S. Office of Naval Resarch and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Lillestrøm, 27-28 April 1977. [First International Symposium on Arctic Air Chemistry]. NILU TR

Ottar, B. (eds.)

Report of a workshop meeting concerned with planning of a research programme to investigate the extent and significance of ingressing natural and man-made aerosols to the Arctic. With summaries of presentations.


Survey of air quality in Norway. NILU OR

Hagen, L. O.